The podcast where TWO passions become ONE!


This is the podcast where two passions become one. Here weekly I will present a true crime story. It may be a crime you know about and it may be one that is new to you. Every other week, I will be interviewing an author. Maybe an author and some books you have never known about. So if you like True crime and have a passion to read, this is the podcast for you!

About the Host

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David McClam


David is a family man. He is a father of 6 and a grandfather of 7. In his day job he works with technology. In his spare time he is a serious reader sometimes reading 5 books at a time. He is also into video games as well as spending time with his family. True Crime & Authors is a way to get his passion for true crime and reading out and share it with the world. This is also his way of giving back to hard working independent authors. He has always considered himself a true crime buff, and has always wanted to share his thoughts with others who love True Crime. He also considers himself a serious reader and wants to help the world discover new books.