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May 16, 2023

Episode 37. The Shooting And Murder Of Kaylin Gillis

Some teens decided to go out to a party at a friends house. They lose cell signal which also effects their GPS. Due to this they end up in the wrong drive way. However as they are turning around to leave, shots ring out. The results would be deadly!!...

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Some teens decided to go out to a party at a friends house. They lose cell signal which also effects their GPS. Due to this they end up in the wrong drive way. However as they are turning around to leave, shots ring out. The results would be deadly!!

Join me as I examine this tragic case on this episdode.

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teenagers get together one weekend night and decide to go to a friend's house for a party. When they lose signal to their phone and their GPS goes dead, they pull into the wrong house. When they realize that, they go to turn around and to leave. But as they're leaving, what happens next you could never expect. Join me as I examine the case of the shooting and murder.

of Kaylin Gillis on this episode of True Crime in Authors. Welcome to True Crime in Authors podcast, where we bring two passions together. The show that gives new meaning to the old adage, truth is stranger than fiction. Here's your host, David McClam. What's going on everybody? Welcome to another episode of True Crime in Authors. Of course, I'm your man.

David McClam, hey, if you guys haven't already, make sure you follow us on all of our social medias. One link to a link tree in the show notes will get you everywhere you need to be. All right, before we begin today's case, I wanna give a shout out to my network people, the Lucked Edition Network Podcast of the Month. Your first one is The Real Drunks. You can join Matt and Jake.

and their guests as they watch and discuss their favorite movies, along with other random off the wall topics. And then your second one is going to be horsing around. You can join host Joel and his producer, Jared, as they lead the Red Horse Hair Studio through their nonsensical banter from the cutting room floor. And they will deliver that in a hilarious No-Holes Bar podcast.

and they go from conspiracies and monsters to ghosts and surreal true life? You don't want to miss that. So make sure that you do listen to the real drunks and also horsing around. You can find links to their podcast in the show notes of this episode.

All right, so today's case as promised, we're gonna do the shooting of Kalen Gillis. If you remember about two weeks ago, I did the shooting of young Ralph Yarle. I told you I would do this one because this happened around the same time and that I will show you the differences in the case. Ralph Yarle was determined to be kind of a racist case and this will show you kind of how justice kind of works when the same thing happens.

sometimes along race lines. So let's talk about Kalin Guinness. Now, once again, just like Ralph Yarrow, this case is brand new. There is no Wikipedia, nothing's written up. Relying on several different articles to bring you this case. This article comes from CNN. And it's one thing to point out that both articles for Ralph Yarrow and for Kalin Guinness was both written on April 9th.

So exactly the same day, just different states. A 20-year-old woman was shot and killed after she and three others accidentally turned into the wrong driveway while looking for a friend's house in rural upstate New York. The woman identified as Kaylin Gillis was a passenger in a vehicle when a man, 65-year-old Kevin Monahan, fired two shots from his front porch

Washington County Sheriff Jeffrey Murphy said in a news conference. If Blake Walsh Gillis' boyfriend said he was driving the car the night they drove up the wrong driveway. He told NBC in a phone interview that he, his late girlfriend and two friends were looking for a party. Four friends were traveling in another vehicle and also went up the wrong driveway. We thought we were at the right address, Walsh told NBC. We didn't have any sales service to figure it out.

As soon as we figured out what we were at the wrong location, we started to leave and that's when everything happened. My friend said, they're shooting, go. I tried to step on the gas as fast as I could and that's when the fatal shot that struck Gillis came through. I want to believe it was instant. I'm hoping it was, I'm praying it was, he said.

The sheriff said the shooting happened in a very rural area with dirt roads and poor cell service. It's a very rural area with dirt roads. It's easy to get lost. They drove up this driveway for a very short time, realized their mistake and were leaving when Mr. Monahan came out and fired two shots. Monahan has been charged with second-degree murder in connection with her death. Murphy said he was arraigned Sunday.

on the murder charge, his attorney told CNN a bail hearing is pending for Tuesday or Wednesday, the district attorney and defense attorney both said. Now, the bottom part of this article, right after that, it does go into a little bit about Ralph Yarrow because of the similarities between the cases and the time. I'll get to that in a minute, but let's kind of back up. So these teenagers, I believe it was three Carlos of them, turned into the wrong driveway.

The shooter, Monahan, decides that he needs to come out and just fire on people. So here's the alarming thing. According to her boyfriend, they lost sales signal, which if you know anything about phones, no matter what phone you have, iPhone, Android, it does not matter. Once that signal goes out, you lose all access to GPS. Now, if the map has been downloaded to the phone to a certain degree,

then that part will keep going, but you would notice it does not advance. This happens to me every day coming from work if I go a certain route home. I lose cell signal for about 15 miles. And it does worry me because I'm like, if my car breaks down, I can't get AAA, I can't call nobody, I'm out here in the middle of the mountainous rural park area with nothing. So when they turn into this driveway, they have no cell signal.

The map is not reloading. It's not telling them, you know, you're in the wrong spot or how to get back. So they're just turning around. So the first concern we should have is why would somebody just decide to look out the window, see a car, come out with a gun and start shooting? Like I said, in the Ralph Yarr's case then, I should be shooting everybody. Because that happens all the time where I live. Maybe not as often as it used to, but it used to all the time.

There's people that park in front of my house. There's people that pull in my driveway. They go back out to back out. You see strange lights coming through the window in the middle of the night. Why are we running out with shotguns? Just shooting people, not knowing what's going to happen. If you are scared, that is one thing, but you in a house. They in a car, a lot of feet away from you, turning around in the driveway. You have windows, you have doors. There's a lot of things in between you.

Nobody's even getting out of the car. They pull in and realize they're in the wrong spot immediately back out to turn around. Why we shooting? Let's continue. Says, Walt says his plans to be in court. I need to see who took my girlfriend away from me. I need to look at him. The shooting happened just days after a black teenager in Kansas City was shot twice by a white homeowner after going to the wrong address to pick up his siblings.

In that case, Andrew Lester 84 opened fire on 16 year old Ralph Yall as the teen stood at Lester's front door before any words had been exchanged according to a probable cause document obtained by CNN. Lester who told police he thought the teen was trying to break in faces two felony charges in the case that touches on so-called stand your ground laws, the proliferation of firearms and racial bias.

In the New York shooting, both Monahan and Gillis are white. No one is believed to have exited the car, and there was no interaction between Monahan and anyone in the vehicle before shots were fired," Murphy said. There was clearly no threat from anyone in the vehicle. There was no reason for Mr. Monahan to feel threatened. After the shots were fired,

Kaelin Gillis and the rest of the group drove away from the house in the town of Hebron looking for cell phone service and then called 911. Now that's kind of disturbing. They left after the shooting took place in the town looking for cell phone service. I don't know where they were going. I don't know where the GPS was leading them to, but this leads me to believe that somehow they got way off the beaten path. They're somewhere where there is...

no cell service. I just told you in my case, I know there's gonna be no cell service on the route that I'm taking. I've taken pictures of my wife. I've told my wife before, I've called sometimes, or she's called me and said, I'm about to go back through the desert. I'm not gonna have any service. But it appears that they don't know that they were going to lose service. So they were found around five miles away from the home in the nearby town of Salem. First responders began administering CPR.

but Kalen was pronounced dead at the scene. This is a very sad case of some young adults that were looking for a friend's house and ended up at this man's house who decided to come out with a firearm and discharge it, the sheriff said. Walsh told NBC the drive to find soul servers did not feel like a five mile drive. It felt like 30 seconds. The adrenaline was rushing so bad. All right, so that's what happened.

So this guy comes out, starts shooting people, ends up killing Kaylin Gillis, unfortunately. And now his attorney decides that he has a little bit different spin on that. So let's take a look at what his attorney says, because it says that he has a different version of the shooting. So his attorney, Kurt Mossert, disagreed with the sheriff's description of events.

This was not a simple case of coming up a driveway and turning around, he told CNN. The description I was given by my client is there were multiple vehicles, including a motorcycle, revving engines, coming up the driveway at a high rate of speed. Mauser said, Monahan felt that created an atmosphere and a fear that there was menace going on. Again, no excuse. You have all of the protection because you're behind a house, you're behind windows, doors.

Nobody's throwing anything, nobody's shooting anything. This means you can go and call the police and say, I have a public nuisance going on. I've got these engines. Can somebody please come out? That never happened. The sheriff confirmed there were several vehicles traveling together, a car with two passengers, a car with four passengers, including Kaylin Gillis and her boyfriend, and a motorcycle driving up and down the street, looking for an address.

He said, witness accounts from inside the cars and forensics proved the shots were fired as the group exited the driveway, the car in which Kaelin Gillis was a passenger was the last vehicle to turn around and leave, he said. I don't know how they could menace anyone with those type of actions, but they were clearly leaving the residence when the shots were fired, Murphy told CNN. He also said, no 911 calls regarding loud noises

coming from vehicles reported by Monahan or neighbors. So he's just triggered because he has cars going up and down his street, looking for an address that they couldn't find. These guys actually ends up pulling into his driveway. Apparently what we've all done, because I've done it, I've actually made jokes about it when I do it in certain neighborhoods. I'm like, don't shoot. I'm turning around a driveway. But apparently that's exactly what happened. And unfortunately I think Kaylin got the worst of it because she was the last car.

With him spraying the area, that means her car took the most bullets and unfortunately ended up killing her. Again, no 911 calls regarding loud noises came from this house. His attorney's trying to say there was all these noises, all these engines revving in his driveway, all this coming up and down, all this going, so this incited my client to go out and want to shoot people.

Again, you have all the protections. You did not call the police. After the shooting, police officer responded to Monahan's home and found him to be uncooperative. He refused to exit his residence to speak with police. He was taken into custody hours later with help from the New York State Police Special Operations Response Team, according to a press release from the Washington County Sheriff's Office.

Speaking to CNN, Murphy said Monahan had not made any statement about the shooting and obtained a lawyer before he came out of the house. He quite frankly has not shown any remorse in this case. However, Mousert pushed back against the notion that there was a standoff with police when he was asked to surrender. Monahan had no idea that the bullets he fired had struck someone.

and he called Mouser to report there were four Sher's deputies on his road and had no idea what they wanted. Okay. So you just open fire and a bunch of kids and you have no idea why the police is standing at your door. It doesn't matter if you didn't know bullets hit anybody. Bullets has to go somewhere. And if you aim in at the car, apparently that's where the bullets are going to go. That's.

I don't even know why his attorney would bring that up. That's nonsense. It's stupid.

Mouser said he got in touch with law enforcement and was informed of the fatality and charge at which point he arranged for his client to lawfully turn himself over to police. This was not a standoff, the attorney said. This was my client and I not knowing what was going on in terms of the charges that were pending. Monahan's driveway is an eighth of a mile long and has no trespassing and private driveway signs, the attorney said. So let's break this down a little bit.

Yes, it's an eighth of a mile long. It has no trespassing and private driveway signs. I kind of say the same thing that I said about Ralph Yarrow because in his case, this guy grabs a gun as soon as you ring a doorbell. So I said, you'd never had nobody delivering packages to your house? So you trying to tell me just because you have a no trespassing and private driveway signs that nobody has ever turned around in your driveway because those signs are there.

I don't buy it. This guy was a loose cannon. Why are you even on your porch? Because I can't determine how long it took him to get there, but from the way this article makes it seem, is that he was already standing on his porch arm when the cars pulled in. Now, I don't know if that's true or not, but that's the way that the article makes it seem. He's showing no remorse. He said, hasn't I said sorry? He ain't crying.

He ain't doing none of that. So Kaylin Gillis unfortunately passed away. She was buried right around April the 21st. Her family held a community gathering for her as well as her celebration of life. So this was a long day for them. They did a community gathering for her at 12 to four and they went right into her funeral from four to five. And then they had a reception after that. I said that I would tell you guys what the parallels were.

with this case. So here's where they are, and here's where they stop. You have two innocent people. Now, I guess in Kailin Gillis' case, several innocent people, because there was at least two cars and a motorcycle that was fired on. So you have several innocent people that was fired upon. You have one young man that was fired upon different times, a few days apart, different locations.

Neither one of them should have been fired on in the first place. Yarrow went to pick up his siblings and cried to the old man, decides that he just wants to pull a gun and shoot him through his door. Kaylin Gillis and her friends gets lost. No signal GPS goes out. They turn around in the driveway, not even really sure if they can see the signs. So that's another thing too, that's out there that nobody's throwing out. His attorney's not saying, and nobody else is saying either, which is, can you see these signs, how visible was the signs?

I used to drive truck. I've actually turned around in the parking lot before that was just freshly laid concrete. Cause I couldn't see the signs that said nobody should come in here. So we don't even know if the signs were visible. That said private drive with no trespassing. They go to simply turn around. Cops and everybody saying that they can tell that they were turning around the time that Kaylin Gillis and her friends were shot at and Kaylin unfortunately lost her life. However,

And that is where the parallels stop, because you have Kalin that got shot and died, you have Ralph Yarrow that got shot and should have died, and by a miracle of God, he did not. Here's why I say this is where they stop. You just heard me read that at that same day, now his attorney swears that he wouldn't have him turn him in. According to this article, at the same day, they arrested Monahan.

Monahan went to jail that day. Furthermore, on top of that, they actually put an extreme risk protection order on Kevin Monahan. Let me read you a little bit of that article. The man charged in the deadly shooting in Washington County after a group of young people accidentally went up his driveway back in court Monday. Kevin Monahan is facing second degree murder charges in the death of 20 year old Kaylin Gillis.

Monday an Extreme Risk Protection Order Petition was filed. If approved, it would restrict Monahan from possessing or buying firearms for one year. Now, of course, he and his lawyers is gonna review the petition, and he's now due for another court hearing on May 4th. Now, that should have already happened because it's way past May 4th when I'm shooting this, but I have found nothing else on that order. But there...

They motioned to put an extreme risk protection order on him. He's in jail. I can't tell you that he has been in front of a judge. They asked for bail and the judge said, nope, you gonna sit here in jail. In Ralph's case, it took them four days to arrest Andrew Lester, four days. Not the same day, this kid shot in the head, shot in the arm, shot through doors, tried to get people to help him.

nobody would, almost lost his life four days. The biggest spit in the face is after they arrested Andrew Lester, they let him back out on $250,000 bond. As I speak to you right now, Andrew Lester is out of jail. He's at home doing whatever it is that he wants to do. While Kevin Monahan...

is sitting exactly where he is supposed to be sitting, in jail. And they asked the judge for that, can we get out? And the judge was like, no, you're gonna stay here. You shooting at innocent kids like you an idiot. So you can sit in jail until this trial. Now, if you know anything about court at this point, and this is now post pandemic, this taking people forever to get the trial. I just got through watching cases on the little documentary I was watching.

several different cases that happened in 2019, just now seeing the court case happen because 2019 right at the end, then COVID happened in 2020. So Kevin could be sitting in jail here for a long period of time. And I'm thinking on the fact that he is going to get, that he will be found guilty, which he needs to be. Again, I'll go over the things that people are saying, devil's advocate, well, maybe they let

Lester Raub because of his age don't really care about that. Monahan, I believe is 65 years old, don't care. I know, like I said, I get it. He's not a serial killer, but the Golden State killer is like 77. It's like he's on death door. He's in jail right now. So A's don't play a factor with B. Then the other one is, well, maybe because unfortunately, Kaylin Gillis died and Monahan is the one who did it and Ralph Yarrow lived.

Don't buy that either. In any case, and they're not even putting attempted murder on Andrew Lester. And it should be. Okay, Monahan has been charged with second degree murder charges. Okay, I understand Kailin Gillis died, but I'm also betting money that looking at the way this judge is handling this case, that attempted murder would have been added if Kailin Gillis would have lived. Attempted murder should have been added.

to Ralph Yarles charges because that's exactly what that was. When you shoot somebody dead center in the head and then you shoot them again after you open the door, that's attempted murder. So I do believe Kevin Monahan was going to get the book thrown at him by this judge. This judge wasn't playing around. Even if Kaelan Gillis would have lived, I think Monahan would have still been in deep water.

It should not matter what color somebody is. We should have equal justice under the law. That's what the Constitution says. That's what our founding father says. That's what people try to tell me every day I'm alive that it happens. But you can see between these two cases, very similar, different outcomes. And people's wondering why Kansas City, Missouri is in the uproar right now. It's because of the fact that they still gotta do

that shot a kid, regardless of color, walking the street. At least, and I'm happy for this, don't get me wrong, at least Kaylin Gillis' parents is going to see justice done in her case. She's gonna see justice done in her case, and people's gonna say it's because she was a young white girl who was shot and just did what he was supposed to do, but...

We don't think that's gonna happen in Ralph Yar's case. I hope that it does, but from where I'm sitting, as old as I am, where I've been around, I don't think it's going to either. I do think at some point in time, if he does not die first, yes, I do think that Lester is gonna go back in front of a judge. I do think that hopefully he'll get convicted with something, but it's not gonna be what he should be convicted of. Yes, he's facing four felonies.

None of those are attempted murder. When it comes to Kevin Monahan, I think he's gonna get life in prison. And I don't know if they have the death penalty where they're from, I don't think they do in New York, but I'm sure he's going to get life in prison. And that's exactly what he should get. But I wanna country a little bit more on the victim here, which is Kaylin Gillis. Let me tell you a little bit more about her. I wanna read you this statement

her family. That was a part of the same article that you can read. It says, Gilles' family issued a statement praising her as a kind, beautiful soul and array of light to anyone who was lucky enough to know her. She was a big sister, much-loved daughter, devoted friend, and partner to her loving boyfriend. She was just beginning to find her way in the world with kindness, humor, and love.

a Disney fanatic, and loved animals. She was looking forward to starting college in Florida to pursue her dream of becoming a marine biologist. She was taken from us far too soon, and we are devastated. Our family will never be the same, but we will be guided by Caitlin's positivity, optimism, and joy as we learn to live with her loss. The family also thank those who have expressed support and asked for privacy.

Your well wishes and prayers are deeply appreciated, have been heard, and will carry us through this difficult journey. Kaylin graduated from Skylerville High School in 2021 and held the position of flyer on the school's cheerleading team. Her former cheer coach, Charlene Deming said, she was always smiling and laughing and trying to make others laugh. Walsh told NBC Tuesday,

that he and Gillis had been together for over four years. I had high hopes and I had plans, he said, adding, I didn't want to be with anybody else and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. I want the world to know how good of a person she really was and how much she impacted everybody who had the fortunate opportunity to be in her life. My world was taken from me, he told NBC, adding he will miss her smile, eyes, and how happy she made him.

Murphy the Sheriff said he was a friend of the victim's family and lamented the killing. A case like this is absolutely senseless. More than $97,000 has been raised for Gillis' family and a GoFundMe raising money for the Gillis family for use towards Kalin's funeral expenses and any immediate financial needs, according to the page. Chauncey Stark, a woman who lives in the county where this happened and took high school senior

is going through a spectrum of emotions from disgust to being heartbroken. She'll be called Gillis as one of the few kids who knew exactly what she wanted and was sweet to work with. Alright, so just like I did in Ralph Yarl's case, I will leave a link to Kaylin Gillis's GoFundMe. I may go donate a few bucks over there. Just like for Ralph.

She did not deserve this. As of this recording, they've raised $147,500 with a goal of $140,000. So their goal has been met at this point. So they're asking for this because they need help with funeral expenses. I can tell you this, I have never buried a child. I hope not to, but unfortunately I have buried a mother.

My wife has buried her mom and her dad. It is not cheap, especially if it is something that you do not know and anticipate is going to happen. And I know when people look at Kaylin gets, oh, look, her family got all kinds of money. Well, here's the deal. Unless you're a millionaire and somebody unexpectedly passes away, you really don't have the money you think you have when you go sit down at a funeral home. And we've done that. I mean...

My mom was cremated, but the prices they started giving us between earns and services and all that kind of stuff, it got real expensive real quick. So I will leave that link to her, go fund me down in this. And I encourage everybody to go and to donate to her just like I did with young Ralph Yarrow. Here's my take on it. People should be really seriously evaluated before they are given guns.

We have a case of two very loose cannons as far as I am concerned.

One decides to grab a gun from underneath his bed because he hears his doorbell ring and goes to the door with it. The other is standing on his porch with a gun. We need to be more careful who we are giving guns to. These two people should have had a gun. They are way, way, way too quick to pull a trigger. Somebody turns around on your driveway, you're gonna shoot people. Somebody's gonna come knock on your door and they're waiting at the door.

And you're just gonna shoot him? Now, in Kevin Monahan's case, I don't think he's made any excuses, except for his lawyers making all the excuses for him. Right, saying that there was all these motors and things going up that he was hearing and so on and so forth. But he's not saying any of this. From what we're saying from Monahan, he really ain't caring. He ain't said nothing, he ain't showing no remorse, he ain't saying he sorry. He ain't doing none of that, at least in Andrew Lester's case.

Uh, he did try to, I guess in his own way, say he was sorry, but he came with a BS story pretty much of how he was afraid because this big six foot kid was at his door and he was trying to get in and he ain't even that big. So unfortunately the race lines draw these cases apart. Should race be a part of this? It really shouldn't. Is it though? Unfortunately.

The judge in Andrew Lester's case should have done exactly what the judge in Kevin Monahan's case has done, which is they have locked him up and that is where he is now and that is where he needs to be and he needs to stay. Again, it should not have taken four days to arrest Andrew Lester. And it did. Four days. Andrew Lester should not be out on bail right now or bond. And he is.

$250,000 worth. This is where the case is different, unfortunately. So when it comes to Kaylin Gillis, may she rest in peace, definitely gone too soon, definitely in a senseless act that could have ended a whole different way. And it hasn't. Ralph Yall is still recovering, so we wish him

The best is gonna be a long road to recovery for him. It's gonna be a long road to recovery for Kaylyn Gillis as well when it comes to her family, friends, and her boyfriend. So I hope that healing comes. I hope that justice is served in her case as well as in Ralph's case. And I hope that these things can stop. We need stronger gun laws. I guess we need to reevaluate people that has guns.

because these two people should not have been in possession of a firearm, and maybe if they were not, we would not have been having this discussion today.

All right, so I thank you guys for joining me for this case. I know that it was kind of a heart wrenching one is one that I wanted to do together, but I thought they both deserve their own episode. And I told y'all what Tyler man to show you where I thought the parallels were and where they stopped. And we did. So please head over to those go fund me's donate whatever that you can. They both families are in need. Uh, in.

In Kalen's case, they need to pay those fines or those bills for her funeral. In Ralph's case, he has a long, long, long road ahead of him when it comes to recovery. So hopefully we can help aid in that. All right, so who are you guys going to hear from next week? Once again, I'm going to give you guys two authors. I have so many to give out to you guys before the end of the season. We're just going to double them up.

It's better for you guys because you get all these authors and I hope you guys are going out buying all of their books. So the first author you're going to get next week is going to be Shirley Novak. You definitely want to tune in for her. She wrote a book called The Story of. It is historical fiction that is based on some true facts and also has some true crime kind of wrapped into that. I had a fabulous interview with her so you definitely want to tune in.

for that. How about if you have a brother that has been accused of a heinous crime and you want to try to clear his name? Well, that's exactly what happens when it comes to our second author that you guys will get next week. His name is Michael Sorroy. He has written

and his quest to set him free. You definitely want to tune in for this. And you guys are going to want to go buy that book after you hear this case, because everything he lays out, man, he did a better job than the attorney. So you definitely want to tune in for him. And then of course, we're going to have an extraordinary person. The name of that person is going to be Sheryl Ilove. She is the host of the podcast, Femininja Project. And she has the...

story to come on here and tell. You guys don't want to miss her story. We're gonna talk all about her podcast. And recently I just appeared on her podcast. I will leave that link to her episode with me in the show notes of this episode. So once again Shirley Novak, Michael Saroy, and Cheryl Ilove. You do not want to miss those.

All right, once again, I think you guys are tuning in. I know you have very, very, very many choices. And True Crime Podcast, I'm glad that you guys have chose this one to be here. I hope you guys are all being safe. And always remember, always stay humble. An act of kindness can make someone's day. A little love and compassion goes a long way. And this is the podcast where two passions becomes one. I'll catch you guys in the next one.

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